The Plymouth Electrician

Now, following on from The Wedding Quest my inbox seemed to acquire more invites than Megan from Love Island’s vagina.

That’s not to say that all of said invites were of an acceptable standard. My favourites included an offer of good sex, in return for a free bar and a deal where if they carried my shoes, they got to keep them. Surprisingly, seeing as I am neither a prostitute or a fan of foot fetishes I reluctantly passed on those.

However, there was a particularly large hint from a fresh faced little specimen, who upon later inspection, I discovered lives 222 miles away in the wilderness of Plymouth. Being the modern gal that I am, without thinking too much of it, I slid into his DM’s hoping I wouldn’t look like a complete twat.

Boom – reply within 3 minutes. Apparently his hint wasn’t meant to be that obvious – but it worked and he seemed happy with his obvious level of charm. However, he himself said that he lived too far away to help me in my quest…So I politely thanked him for his compliment around my content. This whippersnapper however did not quit like any guy would. Instead he decided that the distance was only a ‘minor issue’.

The next ‘minor issue’ we encounter is that he is in fact 8 years younger than me. Being a girl that has experienced what the younger generation of guys have to offer, I was 100% sure that I should just be polite and find a way to end the conversation but the little bugger had excellent conversation skills and I was bloody hooked by his humour and his apparent old head on young shoulders.

Turns out I even messaged him through Love Island.


At this point, I’m thinking to myself ‘what on earth am I doing? He’s too young and he is miles away – nothing is ever going to happen’.

But he just keeps coming with the humour and the references to things I’ve written – which makes me realise he has obviously paid attention and enough so to talk to me about it. Either that, or he’s a weirdo stalker and I’m going to end up with dick pics any second.

Should I give this guy the benefit of the doubt? Could there actually be any type of connection there? Do I go against my better judgement and keep talking or just cut it short because past experiences have shown me this is going to go nowhere and even if it did, he’s likely going to be absolutely not what I’m looking for?

Again, against my better judgement, I carry on. Is it because I’m bored and want someone to talk to? Turns out, no it isn’t. He’s actually hilarious and putting more of a smile on my face than the past 753 guys I’ve spoken to who I would’ve said were ‘my type’.

Is this proving that there is an element of truth in the saying that the best things in life really do occur outside of your comfort zone? I mean, he lives bloody miles away and his age isn’t what I would choose for myself AT ALL but is that being too closed off? Do I need to open my mind more?

Looks matter, but personality matters more and this guy is blowing it OFF the scale so far….

BUT, I am a realist, I’m sensible (sometimes) and we both know I’m not going to settle for less than I want and that my inbox is still very much open.

I think dating has changed so much over the past few years and its now very acceptable to buy the shoes you want but have a few back ups in mind in case they hurt your feet too much…. What the fuck did I just write?! Shoes and da2db16297b06853dad6e2b788ed941815ting? I hope someone gets the shitty comparison I just made….

We might even end up on a date, because lets face it, try before you buy is definitely a thing, and hey, that relates to shoes too! I knew there was a reason…….

I guess the moral of this post is that sometimes going outside of your comfort zone is a good thing. It may end up only being one date and he may realise he doesn’t want to go to a wedding with a girl that steals his chips and most definitely will drink him under the table and do you know what? That’s ok. Because even if we have a date and it goes nowhere, I’ll always remember that Plymouth is home to a sweet, mature and quite frankly gut wrenchingly funny guy that’s hates any kind of condiment and refuses to agree that pineapple belongs on a pizza……

Coming Soon: Do looks matter?

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