Friends with Benefits: My Experience – Part One

feet_in_bed_4288x2848Brace yourself, its a long one.

I would ask anyone reading this to bear in mind that sometimes, people make mistakes. We don’t always make the choices we know we should. The pull of attention or affection can hit you right when you aren’t expecting it and it can embed itself so deeply into you with certain people that it blurs your judgement, even when you know 100% that you shouldn’t be continuing with something that can only be described as toxic.

Summer 2016 had been Fairly amazing for me – (bar Mr 911) spending every weekend with my best friend going out, making memories and just having fun. I wasn’t necessarily looking for anything when A came on the scene. (For the purpose of this post, he will be known as A – I debated many a name, however some would not be nice enough to publish, so we’re going with A).

It started how many online dating ‘textationships’ start. A few messages here and there, a lot of flirting and finding out about the other person. It was going, so I thought, swimmingly.

That was until conversation got a bit deeper and then BOOM, out of nowhere, silence. For weeks. I was left wondering what on earth had gone wrong, and I did what I believe most girls do – I questioned what I had done wrong. Looking back, it was glaringly obvious that there wasn’t anything wrong with me at all. However at that time, I wasn’t thinking straight. How could someone who seemed so into me just disappear into thin air?

So, a few weeks passed and one evening, my phone went. I hadn’t gotten round to deleting A’s number so my stomach lurched slightly seeing his name pop up on my screen. It was a lurch that was also filled with a little excitement – how do men have the ability to do that? I’ll never figure that out.

He was sorry. He got scared. He didn’t even know how to fix himself so he didn’t expect me to be able to help either. He wanted to see me.

What the fuck do I do? I fancied the pants off of him weeks ago and we got on so well. I had wanted to see him for such a long time. I knew if we met it would be explosive. It was midnight. I had had wine. Was it wise? I looked a mess. I’d had all day to sort myself out and ensure my legs didn’t resemble a Yeti but had I done anything about it? No – it was October for fuck sake. I needed the extra warmth.

I argued with myself for about half hour. Next thing I knew I had booked a taxi, thrown some clothes on, a quick spray of  Armani Diamonds Rose, hair into a bun (stuffed into an actual birds nest with 3 days of dry shampoo keeping it up) and off I went.

Good lord, the nerves I felt were INSANE. Literally 10 minutes later I was walking in his front door. A peck on the cheek and up the stairs. Prior to this, he had said that he wasn’t wanting anything to happen and obviously I believed him. BIG MISTAKE.

We chatted for ages that first night, about anything and everything and he was so affectionate – in all the right ways. No leading hands, no forceful moves. Just hair stroking and laughing and talking. Then… the kiss. FUCK MY LIFE MY KNICKERS WERE WET IN AN INSTANT. You know those kisses that just blow your mind? Soft, warm, sweet – with both hands on my face and movement from my lips to my neck in a matter of seconds. His scent was almost intoxicating. I couldn’t catch my breath quick enough. His lips were on my ear lobes and his teeth were biting so gently but just enough to ensure my thighs were squeezing together trying to supress what I knew was happening. It was like he knew. He knew what to do to disable me. To heighten all my senses and render me useless – and this was just with his kisses. He moved on top of me and he was just so…. manly. I got lost in the moment, the kisses getting faster and harder, him moving away at the right time knowing I would be begging him not to stop. He was thrusting gently at this point, enough pressure for me to raise my hips to meet him and push up into the movement.

Suddenly, my head caught up with my obvious disregard of my current Hypertrichosis situation on all areas of my body that were relevant to this situation. MUST. STOP. THIS NOW.

But, I can’t. I’m enjoying it far too much. And so is he going by the heavy breathing and the constant hands on every inch of my body.

Bare in mind that I am looking the least sexy I ever have, in my whole 32 years of living, a tight black vest, leggings and a pink flowered oversized scarf. Hair in a bun and a slick of mascara and lip gloss. My cheeks needed no blush – they were already the colour of a Robin’s chest.

I CANNOT LET HIM UNDRESS ME. HE WILL CUT HIS HANDS ON MY LEGS AND BLEED ALL OVER THE BED THEY ARE THAT SPIKEY (And he’s got Egyptian cotton sheets – I can’t be responsible for that!)…. However before I know it he is by my feet. He is kissing my legs from my ankle to my thigh, over my clothes, and I cannot contain the feeling building in my knickers much longer. If A removed all of my clothes this very instant, he would have been able to slide in like Messi’s 2007 goal for Barcelona, no questions asked.

I need to switch this up now….I cannot let him see me in this state. Why the hell didn’t I sort myself out during the day rather than sitting on my arse eating Haribo and watching Netflix? I’d be a silky goddess if I had of made the right choice…. instead I’m not a silky goddess. I’m Hagrid. And A wants to pay a visit to Hagrid’s forest hut – quite literally.

I use my strength to push him off of me and quickly switch to me being on top. I know he is incredibly turned on right now so I remove his t-shirt and throw it on the floor. I am beyond pleased to discover a smattering of dark hair on his chest, around his nipples – meeting in the middle and trailing down past his belly button. His scent is even stronger now – Jo Malone – its unmistakable. Another twinge down below for me.

I kiss him, hard. But just once. I move to his neck, slowly making my way down his neck over his shoulders, his right arm and back to his chest. A bite of his nipple and I know that he doesn’t like it. He reacts and looks almost angry? But this makes me chuckle gently and apologise. Moving away from his nipples, as that’s obviously not his thing, I VERY slowly make my way down his chest to his shorts. Kissing along the rim of his shorts, my cheek brushes against what I know is waiting for me underneath.

His arms are above his head now and his head is at an angle where I know he has given in watching me and is anticipating what’s about to happen. I remove his shorts and am happy that he has no boxers on so as soon as they are off I am faced with the most beautiful cock I have ever seen in my LIFE. Smooth, a very nice size and a perfect head.

I take a second to enjoy the moment. A asks if I’m ok and I say yes, that I am fine, just enjoying the view. I know what he is waiting for. The same thing as me. I am waiting to wrap my lips around him and see how far I can take him.

His arms move towards me and I edge away, moving a little further down so that he cant quite reach me and I kiss the inside of his thighs, softly and slowly enough to make sure that he is wriggling underneath me. I know he is ready. I know he wants my lips wrapped around him. Although I am enjoying teasing him, I know that I want it just as much as he does and with one swift movement I am higher up the bed and my lips are right where they need to be.

OH. MY. GOD. He tastes amazing. He tastes clean and just delicious. It is quite a task to reach the base of his beautiful cock but when I do there is a huge gasp and I know he likes it. I’m not one for a washing machine experience, I like to take my time and savour every single inch. My tongue darts from the base upwards, it flicks over the top and around the head before my lips encase him again and I increase the pressure as I make my way downwards again. I repeat these steps, throwing in the odd change of direction and a few mixed pressure flicks until I can feel that he is incredibly close. His thighs are shaking and he is tensing his feet – I can feel it and I know exactly what is about to happen. So I continue with a slightly increased speed and spend the last few seconds focusing on his head. My lips completely covering him. A’s hands are gripping the sheets at this point and with a very loud groan, my mouth is full of hot salty cum which is swallowed in one mouthful.

His only word is ‘fuck’, over and over again. I am incredibly pleased with myself at this point because for reasons I may go into another time, its been a long time since I’d had the confidence to do that with someone and I smile to myself knowing that I can still do that. I’m not terrible at it. Someone actually really enjoyed what I just did.

He took a while to recover but as soon as he caught his breath he climbed on top of me and wanted to repay the favour. I was so paranoid about the state of me that I kind of made my excuses about being up early and rang another taxi as I didn’t feel I could stay (I know that this wasn’t smart of me. At the time I didn’t consider how this would’ve made him feel – I was just too concerned with him being dismayed at my lack of self care and would’ve preferred to resemble a Victoria’s Secret model, albeit fluffier round the edges, when he got me naked for the first time).

I said goodbye and I went home. The first message I received was ‘That was the best and most intense head I have ever received, I’ve never had anything like that before in my life’.

I went to bed smiling. The night hadn’t turned out how I had anticipated AT ALL. But boy, it certainly was enjoyable.

Over the next 18 months it got a hell of a lot more intense than this and that is where FWB: My Experience – Part Two will continue…….


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