The Fantasy

The cold wind bit against my flushed cheeks as my heels clicked on the pavement. My hair was blowing everywhere and I lifted my hand to try and keep it out of my eyes, even though I knew the path to where I was going like the back of my hand.

As I got closer I felt the familiar swirling in my stomach, the mix of excitement and nerves were very real that cold Friday evening.

I approached my destination and climbed the steps that lead to the door. I knock and await the answer.

Within seconds, he opens the door and my legs are instantly weak but I cannot let him know this. He looks so good, knicker wettingly good. I hope he is going to be pleased with what he finds when he finally gets to put his hands in my knickers.

I step in the door, keeping eye contact with him. I move to the left of him so he can close the door behind us and we turn to face each other at the same time. There are no words, there doesn’t need to be. We both know why we are there. I drop my bag to the floor and he walks towards me. He stops in front of me and his face is so close to me I can smell him. That fresh, clean, intoxicating scent. He moves a strand of hair from my face and tucks it behind my ear, where his left hand lingers. His fingers get caught up in my hair and he kisses me gently. His soft, warm tongue flicking around my mouth, responding to the movements I am now making with mine. He tugs at my hair and the kisses get stronger and slightly faster. His right hand has moved to the small of my back, pulling me towards him. I can feel his arousal.

I still have my coat on and as we are kissing, he turns my body around and pushes me backwards towards the wall next to his front door. He undoes the buttons on my coat and gasps when he sees what is underneath.

No clothes, just underwear. Black lace. Skimming my breasts. A black suspender belt over my knickers, attached to lace topped stockings. I still have my heels on too. He steps back and I know he likes what he sees. I take my coat off and drop it to my right, near the front door. The silhouette of his erection, visible under his shorts is turning me on hugely. I know what is under there. I know what’s coming.

The wall behind me is cold on my back and my arse and is welcome against my heated body. He walks towards me, his hands run over my breasts and down my body, over my hips and onto my thighs where the silky smooth stockings sit. I know this is his thing. His hands move back up my body now, god his hands feel good. So soft. They reach my neck and one hand slips behind my head, the other on my cheek. He is kissing me ferociously and I wrap my arms around his neck, pushing my body into him.

God, this is hot. The kissing is enough to be turning me on but I know there is so much more to come. I move my mouth from his and I push him away from me.

“I’m not here for me” I say, softly.

I tell him to stand on his stairs and I drop to my knees a stair below him. I look up at him and pull his shorts down slowly, he slips his feet out and kicks them down the stairs. His cock springs out and is right in front of my face. My knees feel so weak, I know what is about to happen.

I maintain eye contact and wrap my right hand around the base of his cock, slowly moving to the head, circular movements with a tiny amount of pressure. I repeat this and speed up the pace as well as hardening the pressure. Looking at him whilst I’m doing this, why have I never done this with him before? It’s taking it to the next level for me.

He’s enjoying it but I know he is waiting. I lick my lips and make sure I have enough saliva in my mouth. I flick my tongue across the tip of his cock and he lets out a moan. I flick a couple more times and he is looking at me intently. I know it is time. I open my mouth and he slides himself in gently. Not too much. Just enough for me to close my mouth around him and swirl my tongue over and around him. His eyes have closed and his head is thrown back. We get a good rhythm going and he feels so hard in my mouth, I am enjoying this so damn much.

I imagine that I am eating a Twister, trying to get the creamy part out of the grooves with my tongue, swirling around, up and down, but never too quickly. I know he likes it slow.

His legs are shaking, and one arm is gripping the bannister whilst the other is palm flat against his white wall. I know he is thoroughly enjoying this, my legs however are burning on the carpet and I need to move soon.

I stop and he throws his head forward. I know he’s going to be pissed off but he has no idea what I have in store for him.

I stand up and he is staring at me. I turn and bend over to pick up my bag. I take my heels off afterwards. He moves down the stairs and past me into the kitchen. I wait and he comes back with water. He then follows me up the stairs and I am walking slowly, ensuring he is getting a good view of my arse.

Making my way across his landing, I slowly push open his bedroom door and enter into a softly lit, warm space. I make my way over to my side of the bed and drop my bag. He walks behind me and places the water on the side table. His right hand rests on my waist and I stay still. His hand trails up my side and moves round to cup my right breast. His fingers play with my nipple over the material and it is still rock hard from earlier. His left hand moves my hair to my left shoulder and he kisses my neck, gently grazing my ear lobe with his teeth occasionally. His left hand is now on my left breast and my back is pressed up against his body. He squeezes my breasts hard and it makes me groan loudly as well as pushing back into him. He still has his T-shirt on. I push his hands off of me and turn to face him. I ask him to lift his arms and I remove his tshirt. He is completely naked now and I just admire his body with a big smile on my face. He asks me when I am taking my underwear off.

“All in good time” I say. “Sit on the bed”.

He sits down and I lower myself onto him so I am straddling him. His hands cup my arse so as to help me keep my balance. I know the lace of my knickers must be grazing against his cock and I rock gently against him. I know I am soaking wet and I wonder if he can feel it too. My arms are over his shoulders and my right arm is bent back with my fingers gripping his head through his hair. I kiss the top of his forehead as I am rocking. The slow stuff….. it can be just as good as the heavy breathing, fast paced stuff.

Fuck, I am turning myself on so much, and I don’t want him to cum yet either.

He lets go of my arse and I lose my balance so put a foot on the carpet to steady myself. As I stand, he stands too and turns me with such strength that I fall backwards into the bed. Before I know it, his body is over me, his lips on mine, once again his warm tongue is probing my mouth. His kisses…… oh his kisses. So sweet and soft and exploratory.

He slides down my body and ends up on his knees. His hands softly stroke my thighs over my stockings, before he pushes my legs open wide. I prop myself onto my elbows and I have a clear view of him. He smiles at me and lifts his left hand where his fingers hook into the side of my knickers, exposing my slick, wet pussy, which is very, very ready for him. He leans forward and blows air onto my throbbing lips, it’s warm and it feel nice. He lifts his head and looks at me again, smiles and slowly extends his tongue….. running the length of me. It’s so warm and soft and it makes me throw my head back onto the bed. Once again, he licks me. This time he takes longer and his tongue probes slightly deeper – at the same time his right hand brushed against me. After what feels like forever, he pushes his middle finger into me and moves in and out. Fuck, it feels so good. His tongue working with his fingers is magic. He just knows.

He stops and I lift my head. He gets off of his knees and moves up my body. He tells me to open my mouth and slips his finger inside. I can taste myself. Sweet and musky. He withdraws and asks me to turn over onto my tummy. My legs hang off of the side of the bed and he stands for a moment, drinking in the view.

He bends down once more and grabs my arsecheeks, digging his fingers in. It’s a little painful but I like it.

BOOM! Suddenly he slaps my right cheek hard. It smarts and I yelp in pain. My eyes are closed and I’m biting my lower lip. It hurt. He then strokes my cheek gently and it relieves the pain slightly. The sudden pain and quick relief is a very good feeling. He does the same on my left cheek. I knew it was coming but it still shocked me. He leans into me.

“Did you like that?”

I can only whimper a quiet “yes”.

This wasn’t meant to be happening, I’m here for him and his pleasure.

He is pulling my knickers down, they won’t come off completely because of my belt and stockings….. my arse is completely exposed. I think I know what he wants. I tell him to take the lube and the bullet out of my bag. I hear the lid of the lube click open and the liquid being squeezed onto his fingers. It will be making his hands warm the more he rubs, and I can smell it – almost exotic.

He asks if I’m ok, but he knows this isn’t a hard boundary for me. I tell him to carry on.

He fingers slide over my cheeks, they are slippery and warm. I lift my arms behind me and pull my cheeks apart slightly. If he was waiting for an invitation, this was it. His right hand middle figure moves over my arsehole and I get goosebumps. God, I know what he wants. I know what I want. I don’t think I’m going to make it much longer because of how turned on I am. The tip of his finger enters me and I bury my head deep into the duvet. I am moaning softly and he pushes a little more of his finger in.


I tell him to turn the bullet on. He does so and moves it underneath me so that the vibrations are against my clit. Jesus, this is a lot to take. My body feels like it is convulsing. The pain/pleasure of his finger in my arse and the bullet doing its thing is such a delicious feeling. I am moaning loudly now and I know he knows I am close. He carries on, going slightly deeper with his finger and he holds the bullet on the spot that he knows I love. God, it is building fast. My thighs are tightening and I can feel the build up starting. I tell him I cannot handle much more.

“I know, I want you to cum so hard for me”

Fucking hell, I feel like jelly. The feeling is so amazingly intense that I almost don’t want to cum. I want this feeling forever. I’ve almost forgotten why I’m there and I so wanted him to be getting all of the pleasure. I mean, I’m pretty sure he is enjoying this as I know how much he likes to please but it’s not the same as giving him all my focus is it?

Suddenly he stops and withdraws his finger ever so slowly.

“That’s enough of that” he says.

He tells me to turn over and get comfortable on the bed. It’s hard because my underwear is all twisted. I have to stand up and take my belt and stockings off and I slide those, along with my knickers to the floor. I’m in just my bra now. I make my way to the centre of the bed and settle comfortably.

He is standing at his drawers and as he turns I see the glimmer of silver in his hands. Handcuffs. I know what’s coming and I start to throb again.

He walks to the top of his bed and leans over me.

“I hope you’re ready”………….

5 thoughts on “The Fantasy

  1. Richard says:

    Oh. Dear. Lord 😈 I cannot wait to see how this continues. It’s actually quite similar to an experience I had with a friend once. It comes up in conversation between us from time to time, even now

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dean Stevens says:

    okay. So…… I’m not going to lie, I couldn’t even finish the blog post. Well I did eventually, but gosh! πŸ™ŠπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
    The part where the bullet gets involved 🀀 and the finger!
    I CANNOT WAIT for part 2!!!

    Amazing writing.


  3. Victoria says:

    What a find….. Love reading these on so many levels…. I can relate to several situation and have smiled and laught at others… And the erotic element in some is soo arousing to readπŸ‘ŒπŸ’¦πŸ’‹ Victoria xx


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