The Fantasy – Part Deux


He is the only person I trust to take control of me.

I know he will take great care, and he won’t push me past where I am comfortable.

The sexual connection with him is greater than that of any other man I have slept with, I need his body, his hands, his mouth. He may be younger, but he knows precisely what to do. It’s like he is inside my mind, reading my thoughts about what to do at exactly what point.

My breathing is heavier now, almost raspy.

He slips his hand underneath me, and I arch my back. With one finger, the clasps to my bra are undone, he removes it and throws it to the floor. I am completely naked now and wriggling on the bed.

“Stop moving” he says gently as he leans further over and takes my left wrist in his hand. I obey immediately.

He brings my left arm above my head and locks the handcuff around my wrist. His headboard doesnt allow for the cuffs to be locked to it, so he pulls me toward the edge of the bed and I am now lying at an angle.  He wraps the cuffs around the base of his headboard where it joins the bed and secures my right wrist into the cold metal restraint. I am diagonal across his mattress and cannot move my arms easily. He props a pillow under my head for comfort.

He walks back toward his chest of draws and pulls out the navy tie. I recognise this. We’ve used it before. God, he looks so good in the warm, dimmed light. Physically, he is perfect.

Once again, he is above me. He lifts my head off of the pillow and secures the tie around my eyes.

“Lights out” he whispers.

Plunged into darkness, I lie there, goosebumps covering my body, wanting so much to cross my legs, squeeze my thighs, and relieve the ache that he has created – but I know he wants me to be still, so I have to play by the rules.

I cannot feel him near me – what is he doing? I know this is all part of the build up but I really wish he would hurry up now. I need him to be touching me.

I hear him move and feel the mattress dip on my right side. He is close now. My senses are so heightened.

He pulls my right thigh towards him, and moves between my legs. I hear the opening of a lid, and suddenly, his hands are moving up my body. They’re slick and warm. He has opened some kind of oil. His hands glide up and down my body a couple of times, and they then stay on my breasts. He is squeezing, and massaging and it feels all kinds of wonderful. His fingers tweak my nipples and I let out a soft moan. He goes back to gently massaging them and I am in heaven. I hope he knows I am enjoying this, I try to let him know by making the odd sound.

His hands massage up my chest and he moves to either shoulder. His hands are so warm and soft and his movements under my shoulders and around to the front of my chest are relaxing me beyond measure. I am getting so lost in the moment that I don’t realise his hands are edging closer to my neck. Suddenly, a tight squeeze with both hands and it literally takes my breath away. He lets go. Moves back to my shoulders. Then back to my neck again. It is so erotic and it is doing things to me that I haven’t felt for a very long time. I cant move, I’m in the dark and his hands are controlling my breathing. He has control over me and in those moments, I want to surrender my whole self to him. He owns me for those few seconds and I feel like I am dripping onto his sheets.

He moves away from me now and runs his right middle finger between my legs.

“Good girl – nice and wet for me” – he sounds so in control. I like this side of him.

I know I am here to please him, to give him the pleasure I have desperately wanted to give for so long, but I push that to the back of my mind and focus on what he is doing to me.

He pushes two fingers into me so deeply that a sharp intake of breath nearly makes me choke. That feeling, the soft, deep sensation his fingers bring, I cannot deny that it is the best I have had. He takes such care to remember the spots that he needs to hit to build my orgasm. It is very hard not to move my legs, I need to clench my toes and stretch my thighs.

His rhythm is exquisite. He knows the right amount of pressure and speed, and again, he beckons me towards him, with his fingers deep inside of me and it brushes that little mound so softly that I am almost transported to another universe.

He slows down to a gentle stop and I hear the lid again – this time, the sound is different. It is the lube. I’m not so sure I need that right now but I am intrigued to know what he will do next.

He squeezes the bottle and I can hear his hands moving, squelching, against something.

Jesus, before I know it, I have a rock hard dildo inside of me, moving in and out in such slick movements because of the lube.

“You like that, don’t you” he says and I manage “mmmm, yes” between gasps of air.

“I’m going to move this to my left hand and play with my cock in my right, whilst this dildo is fucking you”.

FUCK SAKE – I want to be able to see him doing that. Imagine if the tie was removed, I’d be able to see him fucking me and playing with himself at the same time. Those gorgeous hands around his cock, up and down, just the way he knows how to do it. The eye contact – I think I’d explode too quickly so it may be a good thing my eyes are covered.

He is moaning now, and I can picture his head thrown back, pleasuring himself alongside pleasuring me.

He flicks a switch and the dildo starts to vibrate. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. With every thrust, my orgasm is edging closer and closer.

This is new. But I like it.

The dildo is taking me to all kinds of heights and knowing he is playing with himself too is helping significantly. I can hear that his breathing is getting faster – I want to speak to him but I know I am not the one in control.

The warm, familiar twinge is there, I am moaning loudly now, and he speeds up the force at which he is fucking me. He knows it’s right there. He stops playing with himself and uses his right hand to push down on my pubic bone. I cannot hold it any longer, my thighs are stiff and my tummy is flipping over….. the rush is too much and I finally cum incredibly hard. He doesn’t turn the dildo off though – he waits until my orgasm has rippled through me and I am left spent, sweating, my chest rising and falling like I’ve just run a marathon.

When my breathing slows and I have stopped convulsing, he removes the dildo and runs his hand up the length of my pussy. God, it’s sensitive.

It makes me move downwards into my bum because even though his touch is light, I am seriously spent.

He moves off of the bed to the left of me and suddenly my wrists are being released. I move my arms to my chest and I curl up into the foetal position. He gently unties the tie and the lights are bright, so I close my eyes.

I feel him behind me, pulling the duvet up from the bottom of the bed and he pulls me into him. His left arm is over my left side and his fingers interlock into my right hand.

I’m going to allow myself 5 minutes of this. I have things I need to do. But before I know it, his head is huddled behind mine and I am drifting off.

I don’t know how long I sleep, but I wake up in the same position. The room is still lit but it is pitch black outside.

I turn over onto my left side and push my right leg so it entwines into his. My head is under his chin and in his sleepy state, his left arms pulls me in closer. His chest hair tickles my cheek.

I lift my right arm and move the duvet down to his waist. The fingers on my right hand trace up and down his back. I grip his head and massage slightly, running my hands through his hair. He is making a soft “mmmmmmm” sound. I keep stroking his back and push my lower body into him. When my hand reaches his lower back, I move to his front and search out his cock. I move my palm up over his balls and the length of him and I can feel him hardening underneath me.

He is stirring now and he moves his left arm to my face. He kisses me, so softly. Those fucking kisses.

My hand is firmly grasped around his cock now and I am stroking slowly. I love feeling him harden from my touch.

He is still kissing me. When I apply pressure, he moves his lips away and his moans are released. His lips meet mine every time I grip him again. I start to build the pressure and he pulls away and moves onto his back. I prop myself onto my elbow and he is in his full glory now. There is a glistening of pre cum on the head of his cock and I am pleased to see that.

I work his cock like an expert. I know exactly what he likes.

I kiss his chest whilst I am playing, I want him to know how much I like every part of him.

I move my body down and my lips quickly envelop the head of his cock. Soft licks and swirls, I know he appreciates the time I am taking. I forgot how good he tastes. My tongue flat against his shaft, licking him like he is an ice lolly and it’s the middle of summer. I cannot get enough. I work my way around, up and down and his hands play with my hair.

I give one final lick and remove my mouth from around him. I sit up onto my knees and I ask him to turn onto his front.

He does so and I ask him to put his hands behind his back. I get up off of the bed and walk round to pick up the cuffs. I cuff his hands and they rest in the small of his back. I ask if he is comfortable and he says he is, his head turned and resting on his left cheek.

There are toys and oils spread over the bed. I choose my poison in my mind and pull his right leg so that I can climb between them. Again, I settle on my knees and I grab the oil.

It’s my turn to massage him now, in every way possible.

My hands are slick. They move up and down his back and his arms easily. I take care to massage his fingers too. Every part of him deserves attention.

My hands come down to rest on his arse and I make sure I massage both cheeks. My fingers work inwards and explore deep between them, running the length, down to his perineum and back up again.

A quick squirt of lube and I find myself entering his arse with my middle finger. He is enjoying this, I know his reactions and he is pushing up onto my fingers. He wants it deeper and I am more than happy to oblige. I push further inwards and he cries out. I am careful and thoughtful but I know he can take more than this.

I twist my finger round inside him and increase the pace. He pushes against me harder and I drive my finger forwards.

God, I wish I had his cock in my hand too. He would be close to exploding about now.

I know what I want to do, and I know he wants it just as much. I feel bad withdrawing my finger but I’m confident he is going to enjoy what’s coming next.

I let him catch his breath and I move down the bed so I am on my knees in the doggy style position. I get a little more lube, it’s tastes of some kind of exotic fruit and whilst I move my finger around his rim, I feel my pussy trembling.

I use my hands to part his arse cheeks and I drive my tongue into his arse. It is TIGHT and he is incredibly receptive. Wow. I had been waiting a long time to give him this.

My tongue flicks up and down and his nerve endings must be going crazy.

“Fucking hell” he says. “That feels insane, don’t stop”.

I have no plans to.

I give his arse some more attention before pulling up for air.

I reach for the bullet and the lube once more.

“I hope you’re ready”……….

One thought on “The Fantasy – Part Deux

  1. Dean Stevens says:

    the way you write is incredible. The build up to each moment. Wow!!! When I see the handcuffs I thought it would only be you wearing them, but I was pleasantly wrong.
    This is so erotic and so filthy, in the best possible way!
    So glad you’re back sharing 😊
    The exact ending I imagined and hoped for 🍑👍🏻 The build up made it hotter and even more enjoyable to read.
    I’m in suspense now from the ending.
    Im sure I’m not alone saying this, I hope there’s a part 3


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