The Fantasy – Reigning Supreme

The control I feel, looking down at his beautiful arse, is overwhelming.

I know how much he has wanted this, and for how long, and I suddenly feel some pressure to ensure this experience is impeccable for him.

I want to do a final check to ensure he is comfortable and happy for me to proceed, because, ya know, consent.

“I have the lube, and the bullet and I’m going to use them on you unless you tell me otherwise”

“I want you to” is the response.

It’s time. After 3 years of knowing him, it’s time to give him what he really wants.

I release his hands from the cuffs and ask him to get onto his knees, resting his head on the pillow and pushing his bum in the air. I make sure there is space between his knees – he will need this to keep his balance.

I lube up the bullet and squeeze some onto my fingers. I rub it all over his arsehole so that there is enough to make entry easy and comfortable.

I massage him gently with my thumb, I don’t want it to be a shock for him.

The bullet is turned on, it vibrates in my hands and it is oh so powerful. I stop with my thumb and pass the bullet into my right hand.

I ask him for his left hand and he reaches back – my fingers entwine with his. I lower the shiny, silver bullet and press the tip against him. He judders. I move it away and then back again, The same reaction every time. I know this is very intense for him but the feeling is only going to gain momentum and I want him to be ready for when that happens.

I circle the tip around his arsehole, holding it for longer periods.

His moans are deep and throaty and he is gripping my hand tightly.

“Are you ready for some more?” I ask softly.

“Yes” he whispers.

I circle a little while longer and without warning, I plunge the bullet deep inside of him with a gentle amount of force and he cries out. His grip is crushing my left hand but I know that he likes it, he loves it. I am slowly moving in and out with the bullet and I’m a little jealous of what I know he is experiencing.

The best feeling is when I am pulling it out and plunging it back into him – I know this is driving him wild. His knees are weak as his balance is depleting – he is finding it hard to stay upright. He pulls his hand out of mine and uses both elbows to steady himself. His breathing is very heavy now.

I reach underneath him and his cock is rock hard. I slowly start to massage him – long, soft strokes that match the entry of the bullet – its like my hands are meeting in the middle before being pulled in the opposite direction again. I feel like I am playing tune with my hands.

He asks me to go slightly faster and I increase the pace with both hands – however not too fast because I want him to savour this.

My hand around his cock and my other hand fucking his arse with a bullet is doing a lot for me too. I can feel that I am incredibly wet. I wish I could have his fingers playing with me at the same time, so desperately.

He is shaking, I know he is going to cum any moment – his fists and clenched and he is whispering “fuck” into his pillow.

I increase my speed around his cock now, moving faster and with an increased pressure. I hold the bullet in his arse so that he gets the full feeling inside of him – the vibrations must be rippling through his whole body right now – he is shaking.

I push the bullet in as far as it will go and with my hands wrapped around him, he cums incredibly hard. My left hand is covered with his cum and he flops down onto the bed, panting harder than I have ever seen.

I gently remove the bullet, turn it off and throw it behind me into the duvet.

He hasn’t moved. His back is rising and falling – he may need a while to recover.

I move up the bed and lie next to him. I know that his whole body will be sensitive to my touch, so I stroke his hair softly.

He turns his head on his pillow and looks at me. I look back at him and the spark I feel is unmistakable. It’s a pull, deep down in my tummy. At that moment, the thought of him with anyone else makes my tummy flip, and not in a good way.

I know he is completely satisfied and its been a privilege to be the person to give him what he has wanted for a while.

Both of us are hot, sweaty, sticky messes and there is lube everywhere, there is cum everywhere but neither of us care.

I know what just happened will stay with him for a long time.

We do not speak, and he closes his eyes. I look at him in the dimmed light and admire how handsome he is.

I do not need to ask if he enjoyed this – I know him and I know that that took him way beyond any level that he has been to in the past.

I am jolted from my thoughts. I need to think about making a move. I love these moments, the aftermath, but they are a danger zone – we both know what this is and drifting from that path will never bring a good result.

He looks like he is sleeping now and I softly move to the side of the bed.

“Hey, where are you going?” he says.

I turn back and lean over to his face.

“I have to go now” I say softly and kiss his cheek.

“Don’t go” he whispers.

“But I need to” I say.

He leans up and kisses me. It is the softest kiss we have ever had.

He props himself up and puts his arm over me pushing me back down into the mattress, and before I know it, he is on top of me.

His lips skim over mine and his tongue darts out of his mouth and across my lips. He sucks my bottom lip and it is doing all kinds of things to me. He kisses my cheeks and my neck and moves back to my lips.

I’ve never met anyone who can turn me on as much as he can, just with a kiss.

He knows exactly what to do to me, without me saying a damn word.

The pull towards him has always been strong but this time, it is on another level.

Before I know it, his hand has moved down between my legs and his fingers are stroking me.

The combination of that and his tongue exploring my mouth is too much after everything that has happened tonight.

I am moaning between his kisses and my arms are wrapped around him. He slides a finger into me and I cry out. It feels incomparable to anything I have had with anyone else.

He doesn’t need speed. He knows just what to do, what spots to hit – he remembers.

I lie there, his mouth exploring me and his fingers dancing inside me and the familiar feeling builds.

“Does that feel good” he asks.

“You know it does” I say.

He smiles at me and kisses me harder, just as his fingers bring me to the brink. He knows I am right there and he pushes his tongue so deep inside my mouth and with such force that it matches the surge of the orgasm rushing through me. His fingers stay where they are until the trembling stops and he then gently pulls them out.

Gosh, I am so spent. Exhausted. But so satisfied.

The feeling that I get when I am with him – it is so hard to put into words. The connection is something I have never had with others. It’s like my body needs him.

We both lie there, in the dimmed light, his head on my chest and me playing with his hair. I don’t even know how long we stay like that for.

He moves off of me and snuggles into his pillow. There is some space between us now.

I know I should go.

I try to not make a sound and search out my underwear, toys and bag.

I walk around to his side of the bed and turn off his light once I am dressed.

I lean down and kiss his cheek.

“Thank you” I whisper.

I walk out and close the door gently behind me. Down the stairs to grab my shoes and coat, and I try to be as quiet as I can when pulling down the handle of his front door.

I let myself out and close the door behind me, smiling to myself.

The cold wind bit against my flushed cheeks as my heels clicked on the pavement. My hair was blowing everywhere and I lifted my hand to try and keep it out of my eyes as I walked away from someone who will always reign supreme.



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