The Older Man

“Watch it, you idiot” – I was soaked.

“Oh get lost babe, it’s just a drink” – He was so cocky.

“Excuse me, I think you had better apologise to the lady and go and buy her another drink”

I was 20. I was in a bar in my local town, and a moron had just knocked into me and spilt my drink down the front of my black dress, onto my pink suede knee high boots.

From nowhere, a man appeared and stuck up for me. The moron just walked off but this dreamy man passed me a napkin to pat my dress down.

“Thank you so much – I can’t believe he had no manners”….. I caught the dreamy’s guys eyes and blushed.

He was looking right at me.

“Yeah, well his mother didn’t bring him up right” and he extended his hand. “Hi, I’m B, it’s really nice to meet you”.

He was tall, around 6ft 2, with blonde hair and green eyes. His teeth were perfect, as were his hands. He was broad and just so manly looking. Incredibly attractive.

“Nice to meet you too, I’m K. Thank’s for sticking up for me – it’s nice to meet a proper gentleman”.

“You’re very welcome. So, do you come here often?”

Talk about cheese.

“Actually yes, a fair bit, but sadly I’m leaving in 5 minutes”.

“That is a shame indeed…. maybe I’ll see you again sometime”.

“Yes, maybe. Thanks again and have a good night. Bye!”

“Bye K – Enjoy the rest of your evening”.

I walked away. My friend was ahead of me, moving up the steps towards the door whilst I navigated the crowds.

“Wait” I yelled to my friend just before I stood on the first step towards the exit, “I’ll be just 5 minutes”.

I felt a rush of confidence. I ran back to the guy and I kissed him. A long, soft kiss. Afterwards I gave him my number and told him to use it. He smiled and said thank you. I walked out feeling on top of the world.

It didn’t take long for him to contact me. He was 32 . I was 20. I worried there would be huge differences, but it just worked. We both bought different things to our time together.

He was very respectful and took an active interest in my life. At 20, this was very new to me.

It was a really great time in my life. His life was so different to mine but it was exciting. I was younger, which I think gave him a confidence boost as he was newly divorced.

One evening, he invited me over for dinner and a film. I was staying over for the evening. When I arrived, a bath had been run for me and a glass of wine was waiting. It felt nice for someone to take care of me.

I settled into my bath whilst he was cooking dinner.

I opened my eyes after relaxing for a little while and screamed my head off as there was a HUGE spider on the shower curtain. I was petrified. He burst in, cupped his hands and caught it, then put it out of the window. I was so scared – they are honestly one of my biggest fears.

He kneeled down beside the bath and kissed my head. I was hunched with my knees to my chest and he took the flannel and started washing my back.

He told me to lay back and he washed my front, taking care over my breasts and down my tummy….. he parted my legs and moved the flannel downwards. He washed me with such care, I was so relaxed and before I knew it, the flannel was gone and his hands were exploring me. Stroking my thighs. A light touch as he parted me. His finger slid In and I gasped a little. The feeling he was giving me whilst being in hot water was just lovely. My breathing was getting heavier and he asked me if I was enjoying what he was doing. Obviously I said yes.

He asked me to stand up and he lifted me out of the bath, hands under my arms, and put me into the mat. He bent his head to kiss me and as he did so, he lifted me up again, hands on my arse, and I wrapped my legs around his hips. He carried me into the bedroom and laid me down on the bed.

One of the most distinct memories I have is of his bedroom. A big bay window at the front and a mirrored wardrobe on the right side of the room. A blue light besides the bed. Such a subtle blue but it was on every time I stayed over and I do have a fondness for blue lights now – they remind me of him.

I was shivering as my body was still wet from my bath but I laid there, watching him as he took his clothes off. He had a lovely body. I knew he worked out a lot and his arms were toned, he even had the hip dips – his shoulders were broad and there was light hair on his chest. He was definitely more manly than the people I had slept with before, and at 20, I felt like I’d won the lottery seeing that in front of me.

He stood there, basked in the blue light, his cock standing to attention, looking down at me.

He climbed onto the bed and his legs were hanging off of the end – he was so tall. He moved to my face and kissed me, before kissing his way down my body.

Oh my goodness, is he really going down there? I remember feeling so nervous as I’d only experienced this once before and I didn’t have great memories of it.

His hands parted my legs and before I knew it, his tongue was exploring me. But it wasn’t like I remembered. This time it was soft and gentle and he was hitting these spots that I hadn’t even realised were there.

His arms reached up and his fingers slotted neatly into mine. His hands……. god,  I was a fan of them.

He upped his pace slightly and my body was making all these movements. It was such an intense feeling and I had no clue what was going on. It felt like I needed to wee. But he carried on. I thought to myself “surely he is going to stop soon when he realises I need the loo” – but he didn’t. He was masterful, his tongue working its way around the space and concentrating on certain areas.

My body was stiffening and I had no idea what was coming, suddenly, with pressure on the right side of me, my body kind of went into spasm and it was like a lightening bolt had shotten right through me. The release was astounding. I wasn’t quite sure what had just happened to my body. He moved away and came up so he was lying next to me.

“What did you just do to me?” – my breathing was very heavy – I felt like I’d been exercising.

“I made you cum” he said.

“Oh wow”

“Did you enjoy it? he asked.

“I’ve never had that before” I replied. He looked shocked.

“Nobody has made you cum before?”

“Well, if they have, its never been anything like that”.

He looked pleased. Like he had won a trophy.

I was still concentrating on the throbbing between my legs. The feeling that he gave me – it had washed over my whole body and it felt like such a huge release. It was so new to me.

The foreplay I had had before, with my ex. It wasn’t anything like this. I know I was young and inexperienced but at the time, I had thought that was just how it went – I didn’t know any better from 16-19 years old. I thought my then boyfriend was a sex god. HOW WRONG I WAS.

B was so affectionate. He just stroked my body for what seemed like forever after that. Lying there in the blue light, talking, bodies close together, intermittent kisses. This was so new for me. I put it down to him being older. He was giving me new experiences.

Then came the sex. Oh my goodness, the sex.


Sex with B was nothing like I’d had before. It wasn’t over quickly, he took his time, slow, gentle thrusts. He made me feel like every part of my body was important. I felt like I finally knew what it was like to make love with someone. It was wonderful.

I remember falling asleep in his arms and feeling so content – happier than I had been for a very long time.

I woke up the next morning (I was off that day) and B wasn’t in bed.

He was in the shower. I laid there for a while wondering if I should get up or just stay naked in his bed.

B came back in from the shower in his towel, hair wet and chest glistening. Gosh, he looked so good.

“Morning sunshine” he said. “How did you sleep?”

“Very well thank you” I replied.

“I have a conference call in about 15 minutes but I’d like you to stay as long as you want as I don;t need to go into the office today” He was a big wig pharmaceutical sales manager with an Audi – I remember being so impressed that I was dating a proper ‘man’. My ex was a mechanic and drove some sooped up car, we spent our weekends at bloody Santa Pod for goodness sake. This felt so much more mature.

“Thank you. Is it ok if I have a shower?”

“Of course – help yourself to whatever you need”.

He bent down and kissed my head and walked off into the kitchen.

I got up and made my way to the bathroom. I’ll never forget how posh I thought he was. Issey Miyake aftershave – it will forever remind me of him. Molton Brown shower stuff. The super nice toothpaste and mouthwash that was always too expensive to buy at 20. He had everything I needed, including massive, fluffy towels.

I took a shower and washed my hair – my body was still pretty sensitive from the night before and the jets of he shower hitting my body were brining back memories of what had happened last night.

I finished up and hopped out, roughly drying my hair before wrapping the towel around me.

I walked back into the bedroom and B was sitting upright in bed, in his towel, on the phone.

He beckoned for me to lie next to him, and mouthed sorry to me.

I did as he asked and ended up lying next to him. His left hand undid my towel whilst he was chattering away about presentations. His fingers paused on my right nipple, rolling it back and forth between his fingertips.

This was not what I was expecting. I was getting quite turned on but he was on the bloody phone. He looked at me and laughed a little.

Two can play that game, I thought.

I rolled over onto my side and undid his towel.

I moved down so that I was positioned with my head just above his cock, which was semi hard.

God, I was so nervous. I’d made this bold move and now I needed to deliver. It wasn’t something I was that familiar with but I wanted to do it and so I moved my head down, tilted to the right – my hair was obscuring my face – he couldn’t see me doing it but I know he felt it.

I wrapped my lips around him and moved my way up and down the length of him. Hard in seconds.

All the time I was worrying about if he was enjoying it. I wasn’t experienced, and he was older, surely he had had better than this?

He was on the phone and I felt like such a little minx doing this to him – it turned me on very much and I soon knew he was enjoying it. I took my time and played around with him, my tongue flicking his head and my mouth engulfing him from time to time.

I dinstinctly remember him mid conversation, on the call, saying “yes Janice, thats good, thats very good”.

I knew he was talking to Janice but he was really speaking to me.

It felt good knowing he was talking about his pleasure, masked in his conference call responses.

Before I knew it, he was hanging up the call, citing an emergency at home and his phone was thrown onto the floor.

He was inside me faster than I could blink and he pounded me – I mean properly pounded me – hard. It was so different to what had gone on last night but boy, it was hot.

We both collapsed onto the bed and I just looked at him and smiled.

He rolled towards me and kissed me again, and bought my head toward his chest. We laid there for ages before he went out to get lunch, I’ll always remember, it was Covent Garden soup and chunky white bread.

We stayed in bed all of that day and night, and I went home the following morning.

He was in my life for around a year, and the experiences I had with him, not just sexually, shaped me for the future.

He was a huge influence in my life, someone who I speak to on occasion now. I’ve even helped him prep for job interviews!

I think we both met at a time in our lives where we just needed the other. And it was a wonderful experience. The age difference just didn’t come into it.

I will always be so thankful that someone spilled their drink over me that night, because B gave me so much more than I ever imagined possible.






2 thoughts on “The Older Man

  1. Samuel Goldie says:

    That was so well written. I had a similar experience (well the same physical component, not the drink spilled) when I was 19, her 32. Different genders at play!


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