My Fa La La Guy

My tummy is doing flips.

Looking in the mirror, I know he is going to be so happy with what he sees when I open the door. I adjust my bra slightly and run my fingers over the lace on the top of my suspender belt. He’s going to love this.

I walk over to the desk and pick up my phone. Heading back to the mirror, I stand with my legs apart and snap a quick photo. I’ll use this later. He will appreciate it.

It’s nearly time. I am nervous and excited and anxious – I know exactly what is going to happen. And let me tell you, I am READY. This has been building for some time. It’s been impossible to take this further until now and I know he wants this as much as I do.

Lace. Black lace. Smooth stockings. Staring at myself, I look good. My curves are accentuated and even though I know he loves my body, I think this is going to push him over the edge.

I take a sip of my prosecco and as I place my glass back on the desk, there is a knock at the door.

I bend over and shake my hair, flipping my head upwards, my hair is bigger and I take one last look in the mirror as I pass to open the door.

My fingers grip the handle and I take a deep breath. I open the door and stand there, his eyes light up and he takes a second. “Hello Beautiful”.

His eyes are scanning me. “Come in” I say. He walks towards me I move backwards, letting the door close behind him.

He drops his bag to the floor and his hands go straight to my face. His lips press against mine and he kisses me so sweetly. His lips soft on mine. His tongue pushes my lips apart and it darts into my mouth. His kisses make my knees weak and I pull his body into mine to steady my balance.

Kissing him has been few and far between until now. Stolen kisses whenever we got the chance. But now, now I have him here, mine to do with as I please for hours.

“Fuck, you are so beautiful” as he takes a step back. His eyes just drink me in. He takes off his jacket. It’s a big, cosy jacket. One he says he bought because he saw a picture of Tom Hardy and said he liked it. Fuck me, Tom Hardy hasn’t got a patch on him. He is wearing grey joggers. I’m not sure he realises what grey joggers do to a girl. I’ve been a fan of that look on a guy for years but JESUS, from what I can see, he is the absolute epitome of a ‘grey joggers guy’. I’m excited. I can see the outline of what is underneath. I can already feel my knickers getting wet.

He walks toward me and I sit on the end of the bed, my arms behind me so I can balance myself. He kneels before me – he is so tall his face is pretty much level with my boobs. He buries his head into my chest and kisses my cleavage. I let out a little squeal and he looks up at me and laughs. He genuinely is one of the funniest men I’ve ever met. He winks at me and pushes me backwards, lifting my legs up and it makes me shuffle my bum back so I am further up the bed.

He climbs on top of me and pushes my legs apart with his right knee. He falls down towards my face and kisses me again. His hands push my arms above my head. He is on his knees now, looking down at me. He lifts his tshirt over his head and his toned stomach catches my eye. I am in love with his body. He is tall and slim but he is toned and his arms are glorious. He has a tattooed sleeve on his lower right arm and I find it really sexy. He also wears a bracelet. I love it. He looks hot as fuck.

He asks me if I am ready.

“Baby, I am so ready”.

I have been waiting for this for a long time. I’ve dreamt about it. Pictured what it would be like. Thought about every single second.

I am rudely awakened from my thoughts with his right hand stroking me over my knickers. The softest of touches. Enough to cause that spark when someone touches you in the right way. My hips push up into his palm. He strokes me again. This time from my belly button, down over my suspender belt and as he reaches the lace of my knickers he hooks them to the side and runs a finger the length of me. It tickles. I know I am wet. I hear it. Wet, warm and ready.

He asks how much I want his fingers inside me and I whimper and let out a breathless “so much”.

He strokes me again and my breathing is so laboured. Before I know it. His middle finger is inside me. Slow, sensual push and pull motions. Bending his finger back towards him. God, it feels so good. It’s making me moan and wriggle against his movements. He knows I like this. He inserts another finger into me. Fuck, I love his hands. They’re big, and masculine and his fingers are long.

“How much do you like this?” He asks me. “I like it a lot baby” I say, my voice raspy.

He pulls his fingers out and moves so he is on top of me. I can feel how hard he is and he pushes down into me.

I am ready for him to fuck me right now.

“I want you inside me now” I say as I look up at him.

“Patience sweetheart” he whispers. He kisses my lips and I lift my head to meet his. My lips touch his and my tongue immediately darts out, wanting him to take it in his mouth. He bites my tongue and sucks it hard. Fuck me, he is driving me wild.

He lets go of my tongue and looks at me. His eyes pierce mine. He is so handsome and I get lost in his eyes. He smiles at me, his perfect smile. His head moves downwards, he kisses my chin, my neck, my chest. His tongue skims over the cup of my bra on my left breast and my nipple is rock hard. His head continues south. Kissing my stomach, over my knickers, still kissing me, the inside of my thighs. His beard tickles me. It feels divine.

His fingers hook my knickers again, this time he pulls them so hard I feel like they rip and I am fully exposed. I am wet, I know I will be glistening. He stays still for a second, just staring at me and I feel so exposed.

“I have waited so long for this” he says.

Before I can comprehend what is happening, his tongue is plunged deep inside me.

My back arches and my fingers grip the duvet underneath me. His tongue is warm and he traces the length of me. His kisses on my mouth are supreme and he takes the same care now with my soaking wet pussy. Caressing it, soft, long strokes. His fingers part my lips slightly and as he reaches my clit he switches to a light, sharp lick. A consistent lick. Like he’s trying to move a Cherry off of a sundae. If he carries on like this, the room next door are going to know exactly what is happening. I won’t be able to contain my reactions.

He moves between the short, sharp licks and the long, soft strokes. He builds a rhythm and starts to learn at what point my body needs what touch. When he removes his fingers that have kept me parted, he pushes his middle finger into me and it is such a succulent feeling.

My whole body feels warm. I feel full and happy.

He is an expert with his tongue. He told me he was, but I wasn’t aware he would be THIS good. He is so receptive to how my body moves. To the noises I am making. I know this has built up for a while now, we’ve had to get to know each other without any of the physical contact and it’s making it all the more intense. We’ve both waited so long.

I am pulled out of my thought bubble. He has stopped. He crawls up the bed and plants a long, hard kiss on my lips. I can taste myself. I can smell myself. He has me all over him. I lick his lips and his eyes roll back as he smiles and bites his lower lip.

I take a second to just look at him. His eyes transport me. He doesn’t know what he does to me. This is where I am meant to be. This time, this place, this man. Right here.

I smile at him and stretch my body out, my toes curling into the covers. He moves backwards off of me and stands at the end of the bed.

The view is glorious. So lithe.

I wriggle myself off of the bed and stand in front of him. My arms reach around his neck and I pull him close to me. I move my lips towards his and then rub my nose against his nose. I kiss his lips, his cheek, his jaw.

“Your turn baby” I whisper into his ear as his hands trace my spine.

I bend down into a frog like position and with it, I pull down his joggers. I look up at him as I remove his boxers and I smile at him and wink.

When my eyes move back down his body, and rest on his groin, I am greeted with a sight that blows my mind.

His cock is wonderful.

He is big. Very big. And not just long. He has girth. It is perfect. Smooth, hard and just bloody perfect.

My thighs tense because I know how he is going to feel inside me. But I must remove that from my mind.

I grip the base of his cock as I settle onto my knees. I watch my hands work up and down, slow but firm strokes. He moans gently. Wow, this feels incredible. He is rock hard. I quicken my pace and he tells me to slow down because he doesn’t want to cum yet.

“Sorry” I say.

“You never have to apologise for touching me like this” he says.

My eyes are glued to what is in front of me. It would be so easy to slip him into my mouth but I want him to wait for that. I am confident he is enjoying this for now. I have slowed my pace down to a gentle up, round and down motion. My thumb circles the head of his cock and I feel the wetness there so I know he is in a good place.

I look up at him and he has his hands behind his head, his eyes closed. His chest moves up and down with every breath he takes and I know his breathing is erratic compared to normality.

I focus my eyes on his cock again. Glistening in front of me.

“You like this don’t you”

“Baby, I love it”

I am so satisfied with how this is going. I know he doesn’t want to cum but I really want him to explode. I am in prime position. I know how much he loves my breasts and for him to cum all over me, well, I know he would be a happy man.

I quicken my pace, my hand gripping him more firmly. He is properly panting now.

“Oh Jesus babe”

I can feel his thighs shaking and I know he is so close. I prop myself up so that when he cums he will cover my breasts and my neck.

He is going to explode any minute, I just know it.

I am smiling to myself when all of a sudden he moves and I lose my grip. He hooks his hands under my arms and pulls me up with such might, I don’t even realise what is happening. He turns me round and pushes me backwards into the bed. He is on top of me in seconds. Hooks his hands underneath me and undoes my suspender belt, he unclips my stockings and removes my knickers. Only my bra remains.

He pulls my left breast out of the Lacy cup and sucks my nipple. An instant rush of pleasure washes over me and I groan. His teeth graze my nipple and he bites, hard. I like it.

His knee pushes my legs open and he kneels before me. God, he’s so tall and he looks so fucking good.

He leans down on top of me and I feel the tip of his cock graze my pussy. He just holds it there.

Fucking hell, fuck me already.

He looks at me and smiles.

Oh my god. I know what is about to happen and I am READY for this.

He kneels up again and grabs my hips, as he does this he plunges into me with such force that I cry out.

My Fa La La La guy is now FU FU FU FUCKING me so exquisitely that I am taken to another place mentally.

His cock inside me, something I have waited so long for. His hands grabbing my hips and pulling me onto him with perfectly timed thrusts.

The build up. This is all too much.

My fingers move to my clit and I Join his rhythm. It’s not going to take me long at all.

The eye contact is INTENSE. He is fucking me hard and deep and my fingers are working my clit at the same time.

“Fucking hell” he cries and I cannot hold onto what has been building for weeks.

My fingers work harder and as he explodes inside me, my body, the energy, it all meets in the pit of my tummy and I convulse hard whilst crying out his name.

He collapses on top of me and I am spent. Well and truly spent. I knew it would be like this the first time.

He slides to the right of me, his arm draped over me, fingers stroking my cheek.

“Babe. That was intense”.

“I know, well we did wait long enough!”

“It was absolutely worth it” he says as he smiles at me.

Fuck me, I’m so happy.

I shut my eyes and cuddle into him, his legs entwined into mine.

“Are you ok?” He asks.

“I’m more than ok” I say. “Are you ok?”

“Of course I am” he responds. “I’ve finally got my girl”


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